Rike Ziegler

Student Game Producer

About Me

Rike Ziegler
Interactive Media Producer 

My path to game development started at the Stuttgart Media University. There I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Media (B.Eng). During my studies, I initially focused on 3D computer graphics and learned the basics of 3D art and modeling. While researching areas of application, I eventually discovered environment art in games. The medium of games gave me the opportunity to create worlds and the freedom to build everything myself really fascinated me.

I then completed my compulsory internship as a 3D generalist in this area. My employers at the time, Studio Sterneck, also gave me the chance to look into the fields of level and game design. This further strengthened my passion for games. With completing my bachelor’s degree, I asked myself what I wanted to do next and where I saw my future in the games industry. Since I had taken on an organizational role in most of my projects as a student and was also able to gain some experience in the field of production, I decided to follow this passion. Since 2022 I have been studying Interactive Media with a focus on Transmedia and Games Producing at the Animation Institute of the Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

I love games not only as a finished product, but also the process that leads to it. The iterative work and the close collaboration with a team are two aspects that I particularly enjoy. With my background in 3D art and games design as well as a basic understanding of programming, I have a good base and understanding of the different processes that are necessary to develop a game.
My work as a producer is based on two pillars. On the one hand the interpersonal and on the other hand the organizational. I really enjoy working with other people from different disciplines. Among other things, I see it as my task to create an environment in which everyone in the team can work to the best of their ability.
In the organizational area, I enjoy planning projects and ensuring that tasks and goals can be implemented within the time frame.
My goal is to work in the games industry as a producer.