Rike Ziegler

Student Game Producer

Na Kala

“Na Kala” is a single-player first person exploration game. The game is about a person who lives in a dreary black and white world. One day she finds a camera through which she can see colors again. The player’s task is to bring the colors back into the world.

Team size:
10 people

Na Kala Trailer and Gameplay Video: https://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/stage/projekt_detail/projekt_details?projekt_ID=3599


  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • 3D Artist for environment assets
  • Project Management
  • Team Leading
  • Setting up Meeting Structure and Moderation

Game Co-Director

I was responsible for the environment design, level design and game design on this project. Further tasks included the lighting of levels and test the game for quality assurance.

3D Artist

For the intended look I had to basically created the environment twice. Once in the colourful version and once in the black and white version. I created and shaded the environment in Unity and created additional assets in Maya.


I was responsible for the coordination and prioritisation of the tasks as well as the communication between the departments.