Rike Ziegler

Student Game Producer

Once Upon A Conquest

“Once Upon A Conquest” is a 3D, third person, singleplayer hack’n’slash game telling a bedtime story about The Overlord’s past told to his grandchildren. While the story of his wreaking havoc adventures is being told, you as the player bring destruction and death to the light-hearted kingdom. All leading to a face-off against their larger-than-life champion. So grab your weapon, let out your evil side and make yourself ready to live through a humourous, wreaking havoc adventure of conquering the lands full of peace and joy! (Which your evil side can’t stand of course)

Attic Barrel Interactive, the team that developed Once Upon A Conquest, consisted out of 19 game developers with 8 different nationalities from different disciplines. My role during the game development process was being the producer of the team. I was responsible for project management, task management, budget, production plan and supporting the team where necessary.


  • Excel for production plan and feature / task breakdowns
  • ClickUp for task management
  • Premiere Pro for editing presentation and making-of videos