Rike Ziegler

Student Game Producer


Orpheus is a single-player 3D puzzle adventure game with stealth elements in which the main character must descend into the mystical underworld to rescue his lover Eurydice.

Trailer and Gameplay Video: https://www.hdm-stuttgart.de/stage/projekt_detail/projekt_details?projekt_ID=3895

The team that developed Oprheus, consited out of 21 game developers with different specialities. For the production the team split in different departments like game design, programming, quality assurance, art and production. My role during the game development process was being the producer of the team. I was responsible for project management, task management, budget, production plan, team events, communication and supporting the team where necessary.


  • Confluence for production plan and feature / task breakdowns and wiki
  • Jira for task management and tickets
  • Premiere Pro for editing presentation and making-of videos


Tim Bauer, Ivan Castells Galindo, Timo Eberl, Clemens Feth, Martin Tom Frantal, Moises Garcia, Daniel Heinemann, Sandra Herbst, Juan Luis Lopez Delgado, Paul Maximilian Mieschke, Jana Mößner, Patricia Piskorek, Alessandro Puddu, Lennart Raith, Fynn Rieger, Eric Schouten, Liubou Shchupak, Bjarne Techel, Alvaro Torres Carretero, Jeremy Udarbe, Rike Ziegler